Weekly checklist


I am planning to do below organizing/purging my home:
Monday – Clean Coffee Table
Tuesday – Throw 3 items from your home
Wednesday – Clean your wash basin
Thursday – Clean your makeup pouch
Friday – Arrange your spice rack/box. Throw all expired product
Saturday – Throw 3 items from your home
Sunday – Delete/Uninstall 3 apps from your phone.


July checklist

Hi Everyone,

Posting checklist for July . have a happy cleaning.

01 JULY Clean half of your closet
02 JULY Clean refrigerator
03 JULY Clean remaining half of your closet
04 JULY Clean TV unit and all shelves.
05 JULY Clean 2 shelves in Kitchen
06 JULY Clean remaining 2 shelves in kitchen
07 JULY Clean Fan1 , Fan 2 , tubes
08 JULY Clean Fan 3 and Fan 4
09 JULY Arrange medicine cabinet
10 JULY Arrange Bathroom cabinet
11 JULY Clean Double bed mattress
12 JULY Clean Shoerack
13 JULY Clean Toothbrush Holder
14 JULY Clean Tea Table / Table 1
15 JULY Clean Window 1 + Door 1
16 JULY Clean window 2 + Door 2
17 JULY Clean window 3 + Door 3
18 JULY Clean altar/mandir
19 JULY Wash all Curtains/bath towels
20 JULY Sell/Trash magazines/newspaper
21 JULY Arrange Computer table / table 2
22 JULY Clean Sofa thoroughly
23 JULY Clean bed 2 thoroughly
24 JULY Clean Tiolet
25 JULY Clean bathroom. Throw all unused cosmetics.
26 JULY Wash all buckets thoroughly
27 JULY Clean carpets/Rugs/mat
28 JULY Degreasing of tiles in Kithen
29 JULY Clear out old make-up.
30 JULY Clean Book shelves. Donate if you are not going to reread
31 JULY Clean light switches and doorknobs

List of food items that can be eaten at desk

Hello Everyone ,

As I am working in IT company , its so much of sitting job , with long working hours. Some time , We cant get time to go and eat in canteen on proper breakfast and lunch time. Here are few items which can keep your hunger at bay.

1) Dry fruits – Stock dry fruits in your desk drawer to keep munching.

2) Cornflakes – I keep Kellogs cornlakes ( 22 gms ) packet. I finish one packet at a time , so no mess after easting and srtoring remaining cornflakes.

3) Apple – Can be easily stored for 2 – 3 days.

4) Granola bar

5) Spicy Chickpeas / Ground nuts

Do let me know in comment sections , whats your favourite food item to eat at desk.

Things to keep in office desk

Below are the list of items I keep in my office desk

1. Desk Calendar
2. Soft Toy ( My room mate gave it to me in 2008 .. Its on my desk from almost 10 years )
3. God Idol ( I need for positive vibes)
4. Photo frame ( Pic with my loved one )
5. Coffee Mug
6. Water bottle
7. Dairy/Notepad ( To write some thing )
8 Pen ( Ofcourse to write in my diary) – I have in 3 colors . Blue , black and red. It totally depends on you.
9 Medicines ( Dont know when I need it)
– Painkiller Tablets for normal fever , ache, headache
– Balm ( for back pain and headache)
– Medicine for Stomach ache and gas problems
– Antisceptic lotion
– Bandaids ( fo any blister , shoe bite and cut)
10 Deodrant/ Perfume /Pocket perfume
11 Charger ( many times I forgot to charge my fone at home)
12 Headphone
13 Lipbalm
14 Body Lotion ( Travel size suffice )
15 Sweater / Shawl ( AC can give you chills)
16 Dry snacks ( I always keep Kellogs Chocos and Dry fruits for anytime hunger)
17 Hand Sanitizer
18 Tissue Papers
19 Cloth Towel
20 Comb ( Some times I forget to carry my makeup kit)
21 Scissor , Thread and Niddle ( Sui dhaga – One can understand If you stay in mumbai and travel by pulic transport)
22 Extra Pair of Specs ( if You use glasses)
23 Some cash ( I kept 100 rs in office drawer)
24 Extra pair of footwear ( for rainy season)
25 One big extra shopping bag

Back to blogging after 3 months

I know its been so long since my last blog  due to few reasons – was so much occupied in office work and also ,  was not well for few week.

So here I am restating that I am back to my decluttering mode

  1. Trashed few old bills/ papers in office drawers
  2.  Thrown all expired cosmetics from office pouch.
  3.  Thoroughly Cleaned office drawers
  4.  Decided to fold clothes daily which was washed at home. Doing it from last 1 week regularly.
  5.  Thrown all wires / chargers which are broken at home as well as in office.
  6.  As its summers ,  so many cold drink bottles are getting  piled up. Throwing as and when found any empty bottles.

See you all soon !!!!

Resolution’s 2016

So its time to wrap up 2016 , and welcome 2017 , here I am checking for my 2016 resoltuion list and how far I have reached

1) Visit 5 different places in a year

kind of done . Visited Chennai , Rameshwaram, Silvasa , Shirdi/ Nashik /Shani Shignapur . Left with 1 place to visit.

2) Start own Blog (Management – life , Time , Money , Work , Small tricks / tacs to help in daily life )

yes , its big yes for me . Finally started with finalizing name and content.
But lacking behind in   writing. Will try to write 2 articles weekly.

3) No loan . Try to repay ASAP.

Target was to finish by 2016 but yes count has been reduced from 150 pending EMI’s to 50 . Will definitely try to complete in 2017.

4) Collect coins for different countries.

yes, Canada dollar  , Chinese , Japanese yen has been included in my collection.

5) Start another part time hustle..

I want to start another side hustle. Already trying to set Focus on Oriflame as well.
Have few ideas in my mind will try to start in 2017.

6) Focus on saving.

Achieved target .Even 10% more than my calculated target . So yay  for me !!!

7) Try something new monthly..

Kind of tried. learnt a lot. learnt Cookies.


Cook one new thing weekly. yes , kind of from last 4 – 5 months.

Throw one thing daily. yes , Big yes .

8) Read 30 novels

Way behind. Only completed 7 in this year .

9) Start listening to pod cast.

10) Less Stuff in life.

Try to be clutter free. Yes
More Organized.Yes.

11) More focus on positive things. Be happy . Be Merry.

12) Don’t delay stuff. proactively work on stuff in life.

13) Watch  30 movies

26 done.  behind by 4 movies.

14) Create Source of passive income
– target is 5K monthly .Kind of reached with Inr 2900  monthly.

15) Eat more healthy.
– Coconut water 3 times/week . yes
– Mausami Juice 2 times/week.yes
– Butter milk 5 days/ week. yes

16) Stay Calm. Don’t shout on anyone.

17) No Procrastination

Back to 3 bags

I always think how much is too much . We all have tendency to collect / accumulate stuff in life.  Well that is what I used to be when I came from my home town to this city. I just used to collect stuff and stuff and feel very happy with all those things

So well journey stared 9 years back in 2007 , reached this city with 3 bags  of clothes , eatables and basic necessity items. So when I shifted to other place from 1st place , new list of items included. Cupboard, bedding , Buckets and 5 bags of clothes which I have acquired in 8 months. So i need mover and packer or local helper even to shift just 1.5 kms of distance.

At 2nd place , I again started collecting stuff . More clothes , more foot wears , more utensils , more god idols , basically more  and many more . I bought Television set . Not LED , old style dabba TV. So again when I shifted from this place to 3rd house after 2 years  , I have again more stuff . I need more  helpers to shift my luggage.

At 3rd house , again I started collecting more stuff. I need another bucket. I need shoe rack.  I need yoga mat.I need fridge. I need this and I need that and all I need is more crap . Basically my need syndrome continued. So again when I shifted from this place to 4th place which is only 1 km away , i need more helper  to shift my luggage.

So till here you get the pattern , I always accumulated stuff in my life and that stuff makes me happy. So at 4th place , its again big house with already lots of Crap and I included more crap of mine which was shifting with me from one place to another in my 3 years of shifting in same city. I bought exercise cycle.  I bought bed. basically I started including so much of stuff in my life. I buy every month some tops/ Kurtis online so that I will feel happy. My Cupboard is continues with me from 2007 to this place which was used to be half empty but now I  used to feel that its small in size . I need bigger cupboard to keep my clothes and items.

Who ever left on sharing basis , never took there stuff so its keep accommodating  and in that process I became the owner of their crap too and  in 2015 , when my marriage is fixed and in between my marriage I have left with 28 days to repack what I need in my new home as they are already settled in this city and they dont have place for  my crap . So , I started throwing stuff which I dont need and keeping in bag which I need. I sold  all old utensils which I have kept with me during all my shifting to Scrap-dealer. I sold so much of crap to that guy and he gave me rs 1700 for that craps. I have collected so many novels. So gave them to guy who resale novels.

Donated many items to my maids  like my foot wears  , old dresses. gave new items to my room mates and so – so much in trash  which were like 2 big bags on items daily for next 20 days . So after marriage when I packed my items , It again 3 bags , which are actual which I came to this city.










25 D-I-Y Face packs for beautiful skin

Most of us try many beauty regimes at beauty parlor , which at times give you good result or worst result but its always a burden on your wallet. So here are few DIY which I am doing from last 15 years and result are fantastic.

Note : Do patch test before trying these face packs at home. As I have extreme sensitive skin . I  had used or currently trying below mentioned face packs. Also Wash / Scrub your face with  face wash and  gently scrub to get better result.

Also don’t mix many products . keep single items or mix 2 -3 ingredients only

  1. Curd + Cucumber juice  : Grate Cucumber and squeeze juice and mix it with curd and apply on face and neck . keep it for 20 mins  and then wash with plain water.
  2. Curd + honey
  3. Curd + besan ( gram flour)
  4. Curd + Sandalwood powder
  5. Curd + orange peel powder
  6. Aloevera  ( I only use fresh one , directly from aloe vera leaf)
  7. Milk+besan
  8. Milk+ haldi ( turmeric powder ) + besan
  9. milk + orange peel powder
  10. Milk+ sandalwood powder
  11. Rose water + besan
  12. Rose water + sandalwood powder
  13. Fuller Earth + Rose water
  14. Fuller Earth + Curd
  15. Tomato juice
  16. Apple + Honey
  17. Apple + Curd
  18. Banana +Honey
  19. Banana + Milk
  20. Orange Juice
  21. Lemon juice + honey
  22. Papaya + Curd
  23. Papaya + Milk
  24. Banana + Sandalwood powder + Curd
  25. Grapes + Curd



15 list of gifts items which can be given to your loved ones.

For me , to gift some one is always brain hunting session as what to give  , so that person will use it instead of keeping it waste as we are spending money on that . So here are list of items which can be given according to age  , choice , our budget and most importantly irrespective of gender 😉

  1. Wallet
  2. Belt
  3. Customized key chain
  4. Novel ( any latest  or any choice)
  5. Customized Mobile Cover
  6. Mobile headphones
  7. Photo frame  ( if some one is very close , include few pictures which can be put into that frame)
  8.  Silver items ( like Ring , Earring )
  9.  Customized bed cover/ pillow
  10.  Desk Calendar
  11. God idol.
  12. If  office working person , than something which can be decorated on desk like green plants  ,  Feng shew items ( laughing buddha )
  13. T Shirt/ Formal Shirt
  14.  Bag ( back pack / hand bag)
  15. Gift card ( any shopping portal  like amazon , flipkart , snapdeal)